Follow this simple process each time you meet as a Circle.

  1. Review the Agreements .
  2. Share brief updates or introductions.
  3. Hold three minutes of silent mindfulness meditation (gently observing your thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations).
  4. Silently set an intention (e.i. focus, hope, aspiration) for your circle experience today.
  5. Briefly introduce today’s Fundamental Question and why it relates to religious/gender/sexual conflicts.
  6. Discuss the metaphor for today’s circle.
  7. Discuss the Fundamental Question and follow-up questions for today’s circle.
  8. Close with final thoughts, feedback, and choose a volunteer to lead the next discussion.
    *Note: while a volunteer leads each discussion by following the process, choosing the metaphor, and maintaining the guidelines, each participant is asked to read the fundamental questions in advance and come prepared to discuss at least one of the follow-up questions that feels most important to their own process of self-awareness.


It is suggested that circles be comprised of no more than 10 participants and that they meet weekly for three hours, however, these suggestions can be amended according to the needs of each circle.

A small circle of limited duration that is intentional about its process will have a deeper, more life-giving impact than a large, ongoing community that is shaped by the norms of conventional culture.”
Parker J. Palmer



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